BREAKING: Top Senator Reveals Joe Biden Scandal – Evidence Stuns America

Republican senator Ted Cruz is doing what he does best – calling out the “hypocrisy” of the Biden administration when it comes to their energy policy.

“After noting that climate czar John Kerry is going to fly to a climate summit on a private jet, Cruz accused Biden of ‘destroying people’s jobs’ and making the environment ‘worse’ in ending the Keystone Pipeline. He argued the Biden administration doesn’t ‘believe what they are saying’ about the handling of climate change,” Breitbart News reported.

“It is amazing on policy after policy the hypocrisy that Joe Biden and the left shows,” Cruz said. “When it comes to climate, John Kerry is in all likelihood going to fly to this climate conference in his private jet. He flies just about everywhere in a private jet. So, he lectures everyone on climate. You know, when I come up to DC, I’m flying on Southwest Airlines. I’m sitting in a commercial plane like everybody else, but not John Kerry.

“And the amazing thing is if you examine the Biden administration’s policies, they don’t believe what they are saying,” said Cruz. “So, when they talk about the climate they talk in apocalyptic terms about how carbon emissions are going to destroy the world.”

“The very first thing President Biden did as president is he ended the Keystone Pipeline,” Cruz continued. “With one stroke of a pen, he destroyed 11,000 jobs, including 8,000 high-paying union jobs, and that made the environment worse. Why is that? Because the Canadians are not going to leave the oil in the tar sands. They are producing that oil and they’re either going to send it south on trucks or on trains or they are going to send it west on ships to China. Either of those pollutes more, emits more carbon, it has a much greater risk of a spill than a pipeline.”

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  3. Stupidity and more stupidity from the Biden administration. Won’t somebody with common sense stop the man and his handlers? Are all of you dems proud of the fact that you have caused thousands of people to loose their jobs and are you proud of the fact that we now are dependent on our enemies for oil when we were oil independent with Trump. All of these stupid moves make you happy? If so, why don’t you go to a country that loves all the stupid things you love. America is not the place for you. GET OUT

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