BREAKING: Top GOP Lawmaker Is LEAVING – He’s Done

Governor Ron. DeSantis is done with YouTube, so he’s leaving for a booming competitor Rumble.

According to a Breitbart News Report, Ron DeSantis “joined a growing YouTube alternative called Rumble in response to Google’s recent removal of a video featuring DeSantis and a number of Ivy League-educated medical experts discussing the negative effects of ongoing lockdowns.”

Good for him.

DeSantis left YouTube for Rumble and “created a new channel on the platform where he plans to post video updates and live streams. The decision to join the platform comes shortly after DeSantis found some of his own content censored by Google-owned YouTube,” reports Breitbart.

Rumble’s CEO Chris Pavlovski issued a statement on the development.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is a longtime proponent of free speech and has been at the forefront of the effort to demonopolize Big Tech.

He understands firsthand Americans’ distrust of monolithic tech companies and the danger they pose to free expression and free markets. In fact, YouTube recently removed from its platform a video of the governor and a handful of Ivy League-educated medical experts discussing the downsides of prolonged pandemic-related lockdowns.

Rumble, on the other hand, invites robust and civic dialogue on our platform, including Gov. DeSantis’ insights and expertise.

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