BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught Red-Handed – Congress Takes Action

Senator Chuck Grassley took to the Senate floor this week to discuss his frustration that Attorney General Garland seems to be shielding the Justice Department and the FBI from further embarrassment.

“The Senator said the Justice Department still hasn’t handed over to Congress any declassified records from the flawed Trump-Russia investigation despite the last-minute declassification push by former President Donald Trump,” reports Washington Examiner.

“Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke on the Senate floor this week, lamenting that Attorney General Merrick Garland ‘hasn’t produced a single declassified record to Congress relating to Crossfire Hurricane.’ Grassley, along with Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, made a similar push in October after the DOJ failed to release any of the Crossfire Hurricane documents Trump ordered declassified his last day in office,” reported Washington Examiner.

“The Justice Department hasn’t claimed that the Durham investigation is a basis for refusing to provide these records,” Grassley said. “So what’s the delay all about? Is Attorney General Garland trying to shield the Justice Department and the FBI from further embarrassment?”

“On the one hand, the Biden Justice Department has no idea what records should be declassified pursuant to President Trump’s January 2021 declassification order,” Grassley said. “Yet, can you believe it? On the other hand, the Justice Department will reportedly soon release an ‘Alternative Mueller Report’ because a federal court made them do it.”

“Grassley said the Biden DOJ’s intransigence was akin to Garland saying, ‘Screw you, senators,'” said Washington Examiner.

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