BREAKING: Top Democrat Betrays Joe Biden – White House Stunned

Credit belongs where credit is due: Joe Manchin is fighting a battle within the Democrat party and he’s sticking to his guns.

During a recent interview, Manchin said “I’m not killing the filibuster. I’ve been very, very clear. … We should have an open, fair, and secure election. If we have to put guardrails on, we can put guardrails on so people can’t take advantage of people.”

But Manchin didn’t stop there. He not so subtly hinted that Biden and the other Democrats must avoid federal overreach even if they are frustrated by Georgia’s election bill.

We want fair, open, secured elections. And what — Georgia has done some things which I thought were just atrocious, okay? But [I’ve] also been a secretary of state and I’ve been a governor, and I know the 10th Amendment. I know my rights as far as states’ rights, and I don’t think there should be an overreaching, if you will, federal elections.

I admire his fortitude.

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6 Responses

  1. God Bless U Joe Manchin for your bode decision to retain the filibuster an
    to oppose federal overreach and protecting our gun rights given to us by our GREAT 2nd amendment. Pray u consider departing the democratic party and joining the Republican Patriots that will preserve our great Constitution and our American Traditions!!!!

  2. Thank you Joe Manchin, for sticking up for the local and state’s rights (10th amendment.) We need more people in Congress like you, who cares about the constitution.

  3. Senator Manchin,
    The United States needs more Senators AND leaders like you who understand that communication leads to respect and unity.
    You must have had a real job, cause I hear management experience in your comments.
    Those of our generation (I’m 79) have had to make payroll with difficulty during difficult times. But if there is no communication and no approach to the consensus table, the vitriolic attitude is crippling our relationships and freedom.
    Thank you Senator Manchin.

  4. Good for you Joe. Hope you can talk some sense into some of your collogues. I admire your courage. Thank you.

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