BREAKING: Ted Cruz Says It’s Time To End John Kerry – Nation Stunned

It’s time to kick John Kerry out. He must go.

And Ted Cruz agrees with me.

“President Joe Biden ‘should fire John Kerry’ if the allegations against him — that he allegedly leaked information about covert Israeli military operations to Iran — prove to be true, according to Sen. Ted Cruz,” reports Breitbart News.

“These allegations are deeply concerning, Iran’s foreign minister on tape alleged that Kerry told him that Israel carried out over 200 military strikes on Iranian forces in Syria,” said Cruz. He called them “utterly disqualifying,” if true.

Cruz didn’t stop there.

“If that is true, it is criminal. It is disclosing serious, sensitive, classified information about one of America’s closest allies, the nation of Israel” said Cruz. He added that “the caveat, if it’s true, is important.”

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8 Responses

  1. What made Joe Biden drag John Kerry out of the mothballs, and put him in this position, in the first place? Clearly there are more qualified people than John Kerry!!!! Kerry should just retire, and enjoy living the good life, off his wife’s fortune.

  2. I also agree with Sen. Ted Cruz. Kerry is not worthy of holding any official office. He has proved that from several decades ago.

  3. We need to have justice done and for all to see what becomes of traitors. However the Military Tribunals decide to carry out this justice…it needs to be seen by all Americans….that this would make people think twice before betraying the US government.

  4. Kerry, not unlike all other Lefties, does things for a reward. He’s filthy rich, so what might that be?

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