BREAKING: Russia Releases Biden Bombshell – White House Humiliated…

President Joe Biden has been boasting of his ability to handle the diplomatic relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin, but Russian insiders are not optimistic.

According to Breitbart News, “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted in remarks on Wednesday the scheduled meeting between President Joe Biden and counterpart Vladimir Putin would yield no significant results and ‘cannot become historic’ or result in ‘any breakthroughs.'”

Biden’s team, however, has characterized the meeting as “the start of testing the proposition of whether Russia also seeks a more stable, predictable relationship or not.”

“No, [the summit] cannot become historic, and one cannot and should not expect any breakthroughs,” said Peskov.

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  5. Joe spent his time and wasting ours by putting America last then showered all his dubious friends with US money…

  6. Putin knows as do his aides! Biden is mentally deranged/demented/senile! He was meeting with the Biden body double, not the real Biden.

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