BREAKING: Obama Is BACK – Nation Stunned

He just can’t leave well enough alone. But Barack Hussein Obama is jumping back into the national headlines by attempting to pile on the low-hanging fruit of criticizing Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to get 15 more seconds of fame from the media.

And it’s working.

CNN is already playing a clip of where Obama says the following: “In this election, what we saw was my successor, the former president, violate that core tenet that you count the votes and then declare a winner and fabricate and make up a whole bunch of hooey.”

Thank you, CNN for your journalism and than you Obama for adding to the national conversation with … absolutely nothing of value.

“So that as bad as January 6 was if we had to repeat in future elections in which, let’s say, the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature decided we’re not going to certify all those votes coming out of Philadelphia because we think that those urban votes are shady,” said Obama. “Imagine what would have happened. We would have had a worse constitutional crisis than we did.”

One only has to look to the Democrat controlled House to see the only Constitutional crisis in our nation. But don’t worry about that, the media only wants to report about the orange man.

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10 Responses

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  3. he should learn that some of us really dont care what he says and in my eyes he is not very important to this country anymore– he terms we filled with corruption from day one until he left — move on Obama you are not important any more

  4. Obama never did anything good for America. He dumped millions of Muslims in Michigan. Broke so many laws. Killed American people for no reason. Stole money from social security and taxpayers to pay his bosses in Iran. He let criminals free. Let cities burn. Divided the country with hate and color. Now he is running America behind the curtain all the while idiot Joe Biden stands up there making a fool out of himself. The world is laughing. Obama needs to shut his lying mouth. Arrest for treason and murder.

  5. This USELESS POS and that thing he is married to SHOULD BE IN GITMO for the rest of their corrupt life. Who cares what he has to say, thank God this MORON is gone, and please stay gone, you’ve done enough damage to our Country to last 100 years. GO AWAY A**hole!

  6. Obama is a Communist. It is beyond belief why anyone would pay any attention at all to him. he is totally irrelevant. Why is this truthful comment not being posted? Maybe you are all Communist sympathizers.

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