BREAKING: New Report Reveals Biden Virus Shocker – He Doesn’t Want Us To Know…

President Biden is struggling to find support anywhere, and criticism of his leadership abounds. Whether it’s his Build Back Better plan, border crises, vaccine mandates or his handling of the Chinese coronavirus, he just can’t get positive feedback. Probably because he’s just really bad at it all.

HALF now disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus, a Quinnipiac Poll recently found.

“Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling – the response to the coronavirus?” the survey asked.

“While opinions are sharply divided along party lines, as a majority of Republicans disapprove and a majority of Democrats approve, 53 percent of independents disapprove of Biden’s response to the coronavirus,” reported Breitbart News.

Biden’s approval on the coronavirus has taken a tumble since his divisive September speech, in which he railed against unvaccinated Americans, warning that his patience was ‘wearing thin.’ It was then he announced his intention to direct the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to craft a rule on employers of over 100 employees, requiring the vaccine or implementing testing requirements,” reported Breitbart News.

Unfortunately, that rule has been suspended per a court order.

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  5. he should have NEVER BEEN ELECTED EVER– Has been on a mental decline for years and now we are stuck with him for 3 more years and the backup is worst than he is –THANKS to all who voted for him

  6. Mess in mid east, inflation, the wall pals with fauci, this is the WORST president ever! A total un patriotic POS!

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