BREAKING: Mitt Romney HUMILIATED – Trump Must Be Laughing

Vocal anti-Trump Republican Mitt Romney was just embarrassed in his home state.

I can’t help but imagine that Donald Trump is laughing as hard as I am.

According to a Fox News report, “Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was booed by audience members when he took the stage at the Utah GOP convention Saturday. Romney has faced negative backlash and a censure threat by the GOP delegation for his votes to impeach Donald Trump.”

The audience booed for so long that a GOP official had to ask them to settle down.

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12 Responses

  1. It could not happ[en to bigger RINO. Needs to be reminded that the peop[le love Trump who was cheated out of his second term.

  2. It may be too late for the awakening of the people but hopefully not. I hope all who voted for a senile old man, are now happy. Harris was picked by old joe because he likes women and he knows her history. He did not, in my opinion, pick her for her “smarts” in politics. I pray we can turn things around for the good of the country. GOD BLESS THE USA

  3. Romney is a traitor to the US. He’s a Rhino that never should be in Congress. Glad to hear that he was booed. The Morman church sure found out about this 2 faced so called religious man, that he is not cracked up to what he really is. He is one corrupt person of the smelly swamp!

    1. I can tell you that he has been a huge disappointment to my Mormon family and friends and there are many of us! And a lot of whom live in Utah! We’ve been shocked at the turn he has taken. There’s a large roadside sign in Utah that says something like, “Hey, Mitt — Just Quit!” Love it!

  4. Romey, the rat , should just get out of the way and let a real Utah
    person take the job.
    Boy what a mistake we made in electing him!!!

  5. Romney should “Get out of Dodge” Don’t you just love it? And he keeps saying “Thank you!”

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