BREAKING: Masks Come OFF – These States Are Removing Mandates…

Although Dr. Fauci is pushing for years more of restriction and isolation, some states are shaking off the shackles and declaring freedom.

According to Breitbart News, “Alabama will become one of the next states to eliminate a government-imposed mandate that requires people wear masks in public.”

“All along, Governor Ivey has made clear that she prefers personal responsibility to government mandates. We are optimistic that our state is heading in the right direction, and we still have some work to be done. Governor Ivey will provide an update to the people of Alabama soon,” said an Ivey spokeswoman.

Breitbart reported the following:

This week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves—both Republicans—announced they are lifting their states’ mask mandates. They join 14 other states—Florida, South Dakota, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee—in not having mask mandates.

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13 Responses

  1. I hope the Liberal Nitwit in NJ finds some brains and follows suit – it is probably not likely seeing as how he is to stupid to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel

  2. These states have removed the madness of the idiots that imposed the
    this mask mandate on the public destroyed peoples businesses and peoples
    lives caused hardship on many families. Yes there is a strain that the
    china produced with traitors that that helped them they should be rounded up and pay for there dirty deeds. This is simply a tool they used to bring this country to its knees. “We the People have to Wake up”

    1. Amen to that! Only idiots would wear mask in the open space and in the car. The government should not be involved with this mask mandate let people be responsible with their body and their life; it is our rights!

  3. You can bet these are the States that Biden will order the bus loads of illegals (many testing positive for covid) into. They are coming in at 4000 a day & increasing…he is having them bused throughout the country…no quarantine…just sending them out so they can infect more people. Does it make sense that Biden would demand masking😷 but allow thousands into our country even when many have tested positive? What do think is his end game? Covid got them their power & control & they don’t want to loose it. The people folded under fear & gave up their freedom, if this government can keep it going they will remain in control…even if it’s with a new desease or virus …it worked well the first time. I agree with these Governor’s they must stand up to this totalitarian regime. But they have target on their backs now & anyone who dares to question big brother will be accused, smeared, attacked & framed…wait and see. We’ve seen their playbook. It may be that States need to put up their own border walls🙄

  4. It’s to bad that I live in a dictator state of michigan. The demarate government has shown that they could care less for the people. It was all about destroying Trumps economic success. Dems response to Trump; “How dare he show us, he can be truthful” Or ” Our pockets are empty” and we’ve got to start buying ” OIL” again from china. That way we can make them happy.

  5. Happy for all these states thier Govs have a brain but I live in NY will be wearing a mask FOREVER with the jerk we have in office

  6. Go Alabama!
    Great News! Now, If only Washington State’s penile governor would step back from the elite’s totalitarian agenda and free the people of OUR state from his illegal, immoral Orwellian mask order, Washington wouldn’t need to be bailed out with Joe’s two TRILLION dollar “Anything But” corona “relief” bill.
    However, the governor who allowed blm to violently take over the biggest city in the state, isn’t leading with knowledge or foresight, but rather is barking orders from Soros’ liberal regime.
    ~ Sheep-Less in Seattle.

  7. I got my shots and my wife getting hers next week and after that coumo and Fauci can shovel there mask up their toukas

  8. Well I think this is a big lie I believe it is a bad case of the flue that got out of hand we know that the flue can kill to they have deceived us

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