BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Smacks Down Joe Biden – Congress Shocked

President Joe Biden’s first Congressional address is over but Lindsey Graham isn’t done calling him out for his embrace of socialism.

“Joe Biden scared the hell out of me,” said Graham on a Fox News interview after Biden’s speech. “He looked weak as commander in chief, and he embraced socialism. Tim Scott made me feel great about being a Republican, proud to be from South Carolina, and hopeful about my country. But he became public enemy number one tonight. Check out the internet and see what the liberals are saying about Tim Scott.”

But Graham didn’t stop there:

[I] saw a socialist tonight. I saw a man who embraced socialism — what did he tell us? To save American families, we’re going to grow the government. The bottom line is, infrastructure now is about climate change. It’s not about roads and bridges. And he talked about Russia and China in terms that were really unnerving to me. Do you think after listening to Joe Biden tonight that anybody that Kremlin is worried? Do you think the Chinese have any fear in them after hearing this speech tonight? It was so incoherent on foreign policy; he talked about leaving Afghanistan is that there’s no consequence to leaving. He turned down sound military advice. This is the same Joe Biden that allowed ISIS to come back by leaving a rock.

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5 Responses

  1. You and the rest of the gop did nothing while dems/left and msm attacked President Trump for 4+years 24/7/365. You and the gop are the reason biden is in office. You and the gop talk a lot but your actions show nothing, dems and msm are still running rampant!

  2. Hey Lindsey have you ever heard the word impeachment? Or maybe arresting joe Biden for crimes against the constitution and the American people? Stop your whining. Throw joe Biden out of office. Grow a set.

  3. They impreached Trump for a hell of a lot less than Biden has destructively done in his first 100 days. His leadership is non-existent and Harris has no clue what leadership even is. It’s time for the Republicans to throw off their mamby-pamby cloak and put some super-hero moves into action!

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