BREAKING: Kamala Harris Surrenders – She Can’t…

It’s been 37 days since Kamala Harris has been named by her boss Joe Biden to be in charge of the border crisis.

In that time, Harris has given the incredible count of zero news conferences.


Harris has answers a few questions in various interviews, but has seen fit to be absent from any formal press conference on the crisis facing our nation.

Even her spotty answers have been lacking.

Harris’ “failures” haven’t gone unnoticed.

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13 Responses

    1. 2 of the most WORTHLESS people as president & vice president of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!! We need President Trump back to save us!!!

      1. Yes…. “We the People” do need President Trump back.
        He should of never lost the election in the first place.
        But… WE all know that the election was rigged by the Democraps already in Politics & their paid cronies to help with the fraud.

  1. The only thing they will do is throw away our country money all the money they send them and the people in though country don’t get it they line there pockets just like the swamp and the people get nothing so why would they stop coming swamp keeps giving money and taking from us to bad Trump was cheated out of election it was because he was draining the swamp but there days are numbered when the Republicans take it back and shame on the Democrats that do not have a backbone to protect the security of our country God help what they are doing to this beautiful country this lying has to stop they must unite like in years in the past both side never got. Everything they wanted but at least they work together

  2. Can she do anything that would help our nation? Obviously not. Neither she nor Joe has done one thing to help the American citizens. Plenty done to help our enemies tho.

  3. But she thought she could run the Country as the President, what a waste of skin and Oxygen. not one good thought or idea in that one brain cell of hers

    1. tHAT IS NOT A LAUGH, IT IS A CACKLE. She knows only how to make a guy feel good, and Joe thinks he is King Joe. When he was signing a bunch of orders, he stated “I don’t know what I am signing”. Kamala the cackler said “sign it”. This was on National TV. For all joe knew he was signing a lease on his property. BTW I understand he rents a mansion at 20k per WEEK. And he has 2 other places they rent. Can someone fact check that? It was on facebook I believe.

  4. What do except from California’s communist Kamala Ho. She is as dumb as the come! Senile old pervert Biden doesn’t have any litez on upstairs. They stole the 2020 federal election. They could get 12 stupid democrats to come out and listen to them.

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