BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is FINISHED – She Can’t Do It

Vice President Kamala Harris apparently can’t do her job any more.

It’s been a month since Joe Biden tapped her as the primary person in charge of the immigration crisis at the southern border. Since that time, Harris has given a formal press conference exactly zero times.

Zero. Times.

“Thursday was the 30th day that Harris has gone without facing reporters’ questions at a news conference about her duties as manager of President Biden’s response to the migrant crisis at the border,” reports Fox News.

She has gone to New Hampshire for which some have criticized Harris as visiting the “wrong border.”

” The vice president should be down at that border, understanding what is going on, talking to the law enforcement, talking to the men and women, talking to the sheriffs, talking to the ranchers, and understanding the impact that that much illegal immigration per month is having on those communities down there,” said Chad Wolf, a former acting Homeland Security secretary.

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10 Responses

  1. Harris is just a puppet until biden dies. At which time harris takes over and appoints either pelosi or clinton as VP. Who will turn around and declare harris not only unqualified, but ineligible due to her birth!
    This will shutter in a New World Order!

    1. I imagine the plan includes KumAllYa inducing Joe’s demise under direction of her mentor, sweet Barry who visits the little girls bathrooms.

  2. what a total waste of nothing in her eyes– do your job or get the hell out — this country is in a world of BIG HURT and we are STUCK with the garbage that cheated to win and then they just sit on butt and do nothing– recall is the answer and maybe this time we will get a real person elected

    1. The whole illegal election needs recounting then when the truth comes out we will find out Hillary was wright when she said If they (we) find out what we did we will all hang. Well we do know what they did and are doing and it is treason and either it be life in prison or hanging, that is the law.

  3. I have a solution to the illegals at the border.

    Send ALL of them to Washington DC and see how politicians like the invasion.

  4. I love all of the above remarks, but………what can we do about it NOW?
    She is not my VP, neither is Biden my president. I am a person without
    at VP or a president. Our country is/has going/gone to the RATS.

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