BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is Done – She’s Not Going To…

Kamala Harris just can’t do it.

Joe Biden asked her to lead the charge to solve the migrant crisis at the Southern border but she won’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

She’s done. She’s not even trying. The shrewd and capable politician she campaigned as has been traded in for a coward or incompetent nincompoop.

“Harris has been criticized by Republicans for going 47 days without facing questions on the migrant surge or touring the area,” reports Fox News. “Her critics call her politically shrewd, with the understanding that if the crisis worsens, her name will be tied to it, and her hopes to someday be the president would be significantly diminished.”

Harris has reportedly made a few phone calls, but has done nothing to stem the tide of illegals surging into the nation.

To read more about Harris’ failure, click here.

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12 Responses

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  2. Kalama does not surprise me one bit. She needs to do her job. Only she does not know her job. Impeach her.

  3. Get her the hell out of office if she refuses to do her dam job. She is making six figures and I haven’t seen a dam thing that she has done of any use or importance. Impeach all she has done is babysit Biden.

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  5. We all know that Biden is just the front man. Kammie also knows this. She’s thumbing her nose at Biden.

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