BREAKING: Kamala Harris Finally Exposed – The Sick Truth Is Out

The truth about Vice President Kamala Harris failure at the border is finally coming out.

According to Fox News, a recent report “raised new concerns about the crisis unfolding at the border just over four months since Harris’ appointment.”

Even mainstream media outlets are admitting the truth:

The AP, citing a U.S. official with preliminary government numbers, reported that authorities in the U.S. likely picked up more unaccompanied minors at the border than ever before in July. The number of people who traveled in families also likely hit its second-highest number ever in the month.

Nikki Haley was clear what should happen to Harris. “She has failed to secure the border and has emboldened cartels. We need real leadership,” said Haley.

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8 Responses

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  1. Thank you Biden for the total mess you have created at our borders and all around the US where you have secretly dumped illegals without any testing or appropriate papers to enter the US.

  2. The day biden signed the executive order cancelling the border immigration policies, we knew it was a failure and that criminals, perverts. disease and covid were streaming across the border. How do we say thank you for such inept disastrous policies against a government that is supposed to protect us? Short answer, we can’t and they can’t and will not.

  3. The Democrats will do ANYTHING to get a few extra votes, even if it means US citizens must suffer or even die.

  4. The only thing that the DNC people want is POWER to Control the Ctizenry and the COUNTRY! NEVER for WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST FOR OUR BELOVED USA and, HER CITIZENRY!

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