BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Virus Cover Up EXPOSED – Evidence Is In

We know president Joe Biden doesn’t keep his promises, and he’s being blasted once again for his failure to follow through.

Joe Biden in 2020 promised at least ten times he would “shut down the virus.”

“But as fresh variants have emerged since Biden assumed office in January, the president has failed to shut down the Chinese coronavirus. United States has suffered more coronavirus deaths under Biden than under former President Donald Trump, despite vaccine availability,” reported Breitbart News.

RNC Research said in a tweet,

SUPERCUT: Biden repeatedly promised to “shut down the virus.”  


“The fears of a fresh variant impacting the United States caused NBC’s Chuck Todd to slam Biden for campaigning on ‘taming’ the virus while ‘prematurely declaring independence’ from the virus in July,” reports Breitbart News.

“Ultimately, this is also a political problem,” Todd noted. “President Biden ran on taming the pandemic. And he prematurely declared independence from the virus.”

To read more about Biden’s failures to do what he said he’d do, click here.

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