BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Sick Plan EXPOSED – America Stunned

The truth is finally coming out about Joe Biden.

According to Breitbart News, Rep Ted. Budd is claiming Biden and the Democrats are conspiring to fundamentally change America by allowing illegal immigration to “flood” the nation.

“I think it’s a long play to change the demographics of the country,” said Budd. “You flood all 50 states. Of course, these people don’t just stay in Texas or Arizona or close to the border. They travel all over the U.S.. and people vote with their feet, right? They’re very rational. With loose border policies from the Democrats, they want to come to a better country; even with all these problems that we are talking about in our country, America is still the best place on earth, so they come here.”

“Eventually, [Democrats] will give them amnesty, which is a Democrat idea, and then that changes the power structure forever, and for the next 50 to 100 years, it’s Democrat control of our country, hands down,” warned Budd. “So we can’t allow it to happen because they’re seeking to curry favor with these people in the future. It’s a very simple, but a very bad strategy.”

And the evidence points in Budd’s favor. Illegal migration continues to surge. Biden has responded by loosening, rather than tightening border enforcement. And Kamala Harris has all but waved the white flag to prospective illegal immigrants.

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  3. State governors can control this if they will. Do not allow the government to drop hundreds of illegal immigrants into their states.

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