BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Big Scandal Finally Comes Out – Warning Shocks Nation

The cats is finally out of the bag and it’s not good for America.

According to Breitbart News, “President Joe Biden is “set to surge” the number of illegal aliens living across the United States.”

“The nation’s illegal alien population will increase dramatically as a result of Biden’s mass migration agenda where border crossers are routinely being released into the U.S. interior, most illegal aliens are evading deportation, and there are no plans for a crackdown on visa overstays,” according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

America’s illegal alien population “could exceed 20 million” under Biden’s watch if he “implements all of his preferred policies” according to FAIR.

“The illegal alien population is set to surge under the Biden administration,” said FAIR’s analysis.

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13 Responses

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  4. It is way past time that states, cities, and towns started refusing to allow the illegals to be put into their areas. Biden and his administration do not care how many of them are criminals, terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, or how many have the covid virus.

    1. I am not sure they know until it is too late. I think they should be rounded up and returned to their native countries. They are just coming here for the FREEBIES. Don’t want to work. I ran into so many when I lived in Mexico. Cheats and thieves. Begging on the street instead of working.

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  6. Biden knows exactly what he is doing and using our military to make sure the influx of illegals gets done so that the Democratic party will have a way to take control of the United States by supposedly a NOT RIGGED election. They rigged the last one and now they are importing illegals with COVID into the US? As far as I can see, this is treason against the American people and he needs to be impeached and thrown out of office.

    1. I don’t think we are really seeing Biden here. I think someone else is running the show from behind – probably Obama unless he has already been picked up. Or the Cabal.

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