BREAKING: Joe Biden Slips Again – Nation Is…

Joe Biden is playing mind games…or his mind is slipping badly.

When the economy strengthened in the first few months of the year, he took all the credit even claiming that his job reports would be the best ever for a president in the first 100 days. They weren’t.

But now that bad numbers have come out, Biden wants to shift responsibility back to Donald Trump. I’m not sure that makes any sense given the timeline, but Biden has never been accused of making a lot of sense.

After the April jobs report, Breitbart News reported Biden throwing shade at Trump, “When we came in, we inherited a year of profound economic crisis and mismanagement on the virus.”

But Biden was happy to stand solo in the spotlight before these numbers without so much of a mention of the thriving economy Trump built for most of his 4 years.

To read more about Biden’s blame gymnastics, click here.

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15 Responses

      1. Yeah. the whole Biden administration is nothing more than a freakshow, totally incompetent AEB (as evidenced by) Biden’s policy, his blame shifting and refusal to take any responsibility for what he has caused to happen, Harris’s incompetence. and chronic failure to accomplish any of the jobs she is charged with by the president.

    1. He is more than a joke. He is the mule who will deliver the end of our country as we know it.

    2. Part of that joke are the actual idiots that really voted for a senile old man and politics whore who couldn’t even win her own primaries. We really do have half the country being absolute morons. His stupidity can’t be in your face anymore than everyday he is in office along with the rest of the criminals that make up the party.

      1. with the truth of the election being stolen I doubt Biden got even 20 million votes so that only makes 20 % morons. The Dems/Rino’s and deep state are losing control of the fraud and lie’s they have used to regain power and that means an end to their madness against are great country. The only thing they can do know is create chaos with staged riots and violence to detour are attention away from the facts nd truth.

  1. Take me off ur list. This is second time u refused to accept my constituional right to express my opinion!

  2. He is like a little bully in the school yard knowing peers are watching him beat up another little boy and saying I didn’t do it he did it he did it

  3. I am still waiting for anyone that voted for Biden to tell me how they feel now after 100 plus days of tearing down our country. Are you happy with what you got? I really would like to know your reasoning.

  4. Joe “Sleepy” Biden = Stolen President ! Just Hang Him High with his F……..g Obama !

  5. Where are the feckless Republicans in Congress? I don’t care if they hated Trump they are complicit in the fiasco going on in our White House

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