BREAKING: Joe Biden Is Falling Apart In Front Of Nation – Dems Reeling

As I watch the demise of Joe Biden, I am not the only one that recalls the disturbing implosion of Jimmy Carter.

Breitbart Commentator James Pinkerton notes that the similarities between Carter and Biden are uncanny. Pinkerton has spent time this year describing “five Biden-Carter parallels: on the economy, national security, crime, inflation, and Iran.”

However, he just identified a sixth — “the president’s inability to manage a difficult issue, specifically the issue of immigration.”

Per Pinkerton:

Biden did want the influx to stop—and then he was hooted by fellow Democrats, so he stopped wanting that. And now, perhaps he can’t decide what to do. That’s disjunction.

In the meantime, it’s not hard to see that Biden’s words will have a crushing effect on CBP morale. Who among the border patrollers should want to take physical risks to enforce the law, and then face the further risk of legal and disciplinary wrath from on high? And on September 29, even as some MSM outlets were admitting that the “whips” were actually reins, the White House stood firm in its condemnation.

Okay, so it’s possible that by capitulating to the open-borders left, Biden has placated fellow Democrats, and that might seem to solve his problem, at least within his party. And yet what about the rest of the country?

With Biden’s cavalier condemnation of the CBP, we see just how easy it can be for a commander-in-chief to trash those under his command.

This is disjunction: A weak president skitters back and forth, seeking to tamp down discontent among his base, while losing track of the more important task of appealing to the middle. Indeed, Biden’s overall approve/disapprove polling number has been drifting downward, to the point that he is now three or four points underwater.

Not a good place for Biden to be barely nine months into his term. For those of us who remember Jimmy Carter, it’s all familiar. And for those who don’t remember the 39th president, here’s the key fact to keep in mind: He was a one-termer.

Here’s to hope, America.

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  6. Bidet is a blood sucking political parasite, his intellect is in the 2 digit IQ and he is a known corrupt politician, yet the left decided that a lie, cheat and steal election would help us understand him…..What is there between the ears of those on the left?

    1. OATMEAL, or some OTHER non-cognitive substance! That is ESPECIALLY true of Senile Biden, who was an IDIOT, even BEFORE his brain turned to dementia oatmeal!

  7. Jimmy Carter is probably clicking his little heels together in glee. We have now had TWO Presidents WORSE than he was!!

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