BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Stunning Update From Police – He Won’t Be…

Joe Biden may be trying to handcuff every federal agency he can control to allow more illegal migrants into the nation, but one GOP Senator just delivered some bad news to the President.

“Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a first-term Republican senator from Alabama, is introducing a bill to give state and local law enforcement more jurisdiction over illegal immigration cases, as the crisis at the southern border continues to escalate,” reports Fox News.

In other words, local state controlled authorities could take action to help stop the crisis.

“Our local police across the country, as we speak, they don’t have, really, any authority with illegal immigration,” said Tuberville. “And we need to find some way to be able to give our local law enforcement all across the country the ability to arrest, to identify, and then have some way to have jurisdiction over people who are not citizens of our country.”

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8 Responses

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  2. Criminal elements are running wild in America because insane laws put on the books by radical Dems allow those who commit crimes not to be detained or held in prison. Add to this, the thousands who are pouring in through the border who are unvetted and unknown, being given cash and placed on planes- and being taken to locations all over America to further the problem. More votes for the Dems in the future? Building up of a radical element who are loyal only to Dems?

    All our urban cities and suburban neighborhoods are endangered and the radical Left is vilifying those who protect us- our police. They want to defund them, remove them, and then take away our guns, so there is no way to protect any of us. It IS an invasion of human/drug traffickers, terrorists and gangs and our current leadership is promoting this evil.

    Most of the country is half asleep- believing every lie the mainstream media perpetrates on them. This is actually an army who will begin driving Soros funded military trucks loaded with weapons into every neighborhood and begin shooting, destroying and killing,along with Antifa and BLM. An invasion with a purpose- destruction of America to bring us down to a 3rd world level and to Communism, where there is still a ruling elite- in this case the Dems and RINOs, who are loyal not to our Constitution or our laws, but to the globalist order, run by Big Tech, Corporations and the Banks.

  3. That would be a great thing but then every sensible citizen would move to the Red states, because they will be the only ones that would abide by that law. However, the states should be able to control the influx of immigrants in their state. The Federal government is way too intrusive in our lives.

  4. Since this decision affects every citizen in some way…either stealing our tax dollars, to raping and even killing us….we should have a say in what happens to illegals. A nice swift kick out of the country, for one! If they disrespect our Laws from the get-go….we should not respect them either.

  5. Our CITIZENS must come FIRST! Illegals must be deported! No one welcomes any UNVITED GUESTS TO THEIR HOMES and keep them there forever and suppor then as one’s own! People simply do not have the MEANS to do that much CHARITY without HARDESHIP as the END is closing on us!

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