Breaking: House Democrats launch investigation of Trump’s defunding of the WHO

Proving once again that even in the midst of an international pandemic,  the Democrat Party can’t think about anything but attacking President Trump, news broke on Monday that the House Foreign Affairs Committee has launched an investigation of President Trump’s defunding of the WHO.

The committee is giving the State Department a week to produce documents related to the decision to defund the WHO.

Reuters reports:

Democratic Representative Eliot Engel, the committee’s chairman, said the U.N. health agency is “imperfect” and that he would support reforms. “But, certainly, cutting the WHO’s funding while the world confronts the COVID-19 tragedy is not the answer,” he said in a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The real scandal here is the WHO’s disgraceful conduct. The WHO covered for China, and as a result, thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have perished.

Why are the Democrats investigating Trump and Pompeo instead of China and the WHO? The answer is simple.

They care more about beating President Trump than keeping Americans safe. Shameful.

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