BREAKING: Election Investigation Shocks Old Dominion – Evidence Proves…

A new Pennsylvania investigation could spell trouble for Old Dominion.

According to Washington Examiner, “the chief prosecutor in a Pennsylvania county is investigating problems in a local election that involved machines from Dominion Voting Systems.”

“In this case, our goal is really to determine what the facts are and release more facts if, in fact, criminal conduct didn’t occur so that the public can be reassured. These are the facts we found, this is what was supposed to happen, and this is what you need to know,” said Sam Sanguedolce, the district attorney of Luzerne County.

According to a report, electronic ballots were only labeled for Democrat voters.

“The Republican Party voters have been disenfranchised. We have multiple complaints that have gone through to us saying they didn’t get a chance to vote. They didn’t feel confident with the voting process,” said Justin Behrens, the Luzerne County Republican Party Chairman.

Sanguedolce explained the purpose of the investigation:

We investigate to determine whether there is criminal wrongdoing or not. I think it’s as important for people that a crime occurred as it is for them to know a crime did not occur. Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, this election seems to have been wrought with problems, so we’re going to look into it and hopefully improve this for the future. This just can’t continue. The people need to have faith in our voting system and integrity of the elections.

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