BREAKING: Election Fraud Notice Stuns Voters – Proof Is In

The new design for the recall mail-in ballots in California has many claiming that the situation is now ripe for election fraud.

Per Breitbart News, “The bizarre design of the return envelopes for completed gubernatorial recall election absentee ballots in Los Angeles County is raising red flags that the privacy of votes may be compromised and that opportunities for vote fraud exist.”

Over 20 million ballots have already been mailed out for the recall election.

Per the report:

So, anybody that has access to this mail in envelope can see who’s voted ‘Yes,’ toss it, do whatever they want to it. They can see your vote from the outside of the envelope. So when you’re doing this, make sure you line up your ballot on the inside of the envelope, so that your vote is not visible,” the unnamed Los Angeles County voter concludes (emphasis added)

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  2. California is a State where their criminal politicians have been stealing and misusing tax money for themselves for many, many years. No matter what they tell you they are, in reality, bankrupt. They receive huge amounts of money from China to hide their bankruptcy. The politicians know this, the Democratic voters know this, the Press knows this and no one seems to care except that they ALL know that a conservative politician may expose the entire problem. They do not have the strength to face reality.

  3. The courts should disallow harvesting and mail in voting if not requested by mail first. Too much cheating by Dems especially when Newsome involved!

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