BREAKING: Democrats In Congress Get Bad News – Reversal Is Official

President Joe Biden and the Democrats ran on the promise of peace and a better nation.

When they broke that promise, they blamed Trump, COVID and Trump again.

But the American people aren’t buying the Democrat blame game.

According to Breitbart News, “Americans will blame Democrats and not Republicans for the impending debt default and possible shutdown, a Wednesday Morning Consult/Politico poll revealed.”

Per the report:

Thirty-three percent said they would blame Democrats. Sixteen percent said they would blame Republicans while 42 percent said they would blame both parties. Nine percent said they did not know.

When respondents were asked, “how much have you seen, read, or heard about” the necessity of Democrats raising the “U.S. debt limit before the borrowing limit is expected to be reached next month,” nine percent said “a lot,” 24 percent said “some,” and 26 percent said “not much,” and 41 percent said nothing at all.

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