BREAKING: Catholic Church Gets Bad News From Joe Biden – He’s Making It Official

Joe Biden is pushing the Catholic Church into a very bad position. And he’s not backing down.

According to a recent report, Biden’s new health rule would “force religious doctors to violate their deeply held beliefs about gender.”

“Announced on Monday, HHS’ rule would reverse the Trump administration’s decision to interpret a sex discrimination statute as applying to just biological sex rather than including gender identity or sexual orientation,” reports Fox News. “Advocates say that in doing so, the Biden administration would require federally funded hospitals and insurers to support gender-related treatments and procedures — both of which conflict with Catholic teaching and what other religions believe.”

Looks like ol’ Joe might not be that “devout” after all.

The new rule is “threatening to put doctors and hospitals that disagree with current transgender ideology out of business,” said Roger Severino. He added that the Biden administration is “trying to change the fundamental practice of medicine and science by the stroke of a pen, but will soon learn through lawsuits that sex as a biological reality won’t be so easily erased.”

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9 Responses

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  3. Sounds like Emperor Chin! He managed to kill all philosophers and doctors, in the town square. All smart people were killed. Everyone ca be controlled.
    This is barbaric.

  4. don’t believe he ever was a catholic used it to make gains not for any god believe reasons

  5. I am not sure about the Pope. He seems to be a pretty left leaning Pope. He has already covered for Joe. He is saying that approving of abortion is not a good reason to refuse communion to a Catholic. This is news to most Catholics.

  6. When you are a child of Satan you will do what your father tells you to do. Jesus told the religious Jews when he was on earth before his crucifixion, that they were of their father the devil and the works that the devil did they would do, so it takes no rocket scientist to know who Biden belongs too.

  7. Being Catholic or any other “religion” does not make a person a “practicing” Christian. A born again person is one who believes in Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior and seeks to grow in The Word and walk a close path with Him. One’s heart has to value the Lord above our own “thoughts and feelings.” As we grow, more and more we should show the example of our faith in the use of our gifts and talents. If we bear no fruit, it is evidently due to not taking the faith seriously. (And if our lifestyle goes against the Lord’s commands, that tells us we need to ask the Lord to change our hearts.) For example – those supporting abortion may claim to be Christians, (or of a certain faith) and by stating this, they deny Scripture and cannot be in fellowship with the Lord Jesus. He forgives those who repent of their sin and confess it, so that is my prayer….that we will see many come to repentance and be restored to the faith and to a relationship with the Lord Jesus….Who was the sacrifice, once and for all, for our sins.

  8. Sorry, Biden, you can’t override God and what you say isn’t what counts in the Spiritual world of truth. It says it is sinful and wrong to try to change the Word of God. Who are you?

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