BREAKING: Biden Gets Busted On National TV – He’s Finished

Joe Biden has been preaching unity and healing but when it comes to actually leading the country, he resorted to calling opponents “neanderthals.”

How inspiring.

The hypocrisy was not lost on Sen. Josh Hawley.

“What a uniter Joe Biden is,” said Hawley. “You know this is Mr. Unity. And yet if you disagree with him, you’re a Neanderthal. This is a guy who’s also called people who disagree with him Nazis. It is unbelievable.”

Biden’s comments came earlier this week when he was commenting on states who are choosing to lift mask restrictions. “We’ve been able to move that all the way up to the end of May to have enough [vaccines] for every American, to get every adult American to get a shot,” said Biden. “The last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking.”

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20 Responses

  1. Thank you Mr. Hawley, we need to find more Conservatives like you to fill seats in 2022. These ridiculous power grabs have to stop before the American people declare war on DC.

  2. All we need our politicians that think they are doctors, scientist, and real soldiers and policemen that try to control our every step and doesn’t have the logic to know we have great people in our society with God given gifts that can make good decisions like our doctors, scientist, policemen, soldiers, etc. without all these political controls. Allow America to live again.

  3. The Buffoon is just another democrat who hates anyone that doesn’t want to screw all the Nations legal “LITTLE PEOPLE, “YOU KNOW NANCY’S LITTLE PEOPLE,” SHE SCREWED OVER FOR POLITICAL POINTS AND TO RID HER OF THAT HORRIBLE MR TRUMP.

  4. Are liberals so blind that they cannot see how they have been duped? Biden is a hollow man, he spits out exactly what he’s thinking and it’s revealing. He will deny that he said it because he’s a self-professed liar, and because he can’t even remember WTH he said. More drug smugglers have been cross g the border and just yesterday a truck full pulled in front of a semi and killed 10 people. Great job liberal wankers!

  5. How do I know Joe is Gone. I’m in my 78th year with the same Date of Birth
    I had only 1 Brain Surgery to his 2. I know the difference between America 1st
    vs. Americas Last. Incompetent Thieves gave us Mr. Asylum Ready. We The People know how to Endure. A little quote from this Former Marine
    “When the Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going” Fight on my Brothers and Sisters We Will Prevail.

  6. IF you think he is scary mentally, just wait until he is gone and Kamala takes over! The looming civil war will come in a flash! Those who violate their oath of office and subvert the Constitution will pay a price politically and financially. They might even get some serious jail time. All of this has been going on within the government since the Clintons reign and all through the Obama administration, and now the Harris/Biden/Soros administration.

  7. You can only push a population so far before they rise up against you. The democraps know this that’s the reason for the fence and troops. I wonder what keeps the troops from walking into the capitol and removing the current administration. The troops are the very people that the fence is supposed to be keeping out, people like you and me. The troops are protecting the very people that are trying to destroy their country. When I served we took an oath to defend this country from ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC ! What are we waiting for ?

  8. Mr. Connell, Biden is not finished. He has the backing of the international mobs….. America is finished. Sad but true.

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