BREAKING: Adam Schiff’s Ukraine Secret Is Out

While Adam Schiff and his friends in the House of Representatives investigate President Donald Trump for asking his Ukrainian counterpart to work with a legitimate DOJ investigation, there’s one small detail that the media seems to be missing out on. Namely, Democrats are themselves all too eager to work with Ukrainians.

First we found out that a group of Democrat Senators threatened to withhold aid money unless they worked with Robert Mueller’s investigation, which ultimately did not result in criminal charges for the President.

Now, we have learned that a newly-resurfaced audio take shows Adam Schiff was ready and willing to accept dirt on President Trump — from Ukrainians.

In audio tweeted out by Florida U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, comedians pretended to offer “recordings” that would incriminate Trump. While signaling that Trump should be impeached if he ever accepted dirt on political opponents that came from a foreign country, Schiff told the comedians, believing them to be real, that he would welcome the chance to get the dirt on Trump.

This tape is  not new. But it’s important now, since Democrats continue to try to impeach Trump on the basis that he wanted foreigners to help him. Or, in this case, he wanted foreigners to help the DOJ in a legitimate investigation.

It’s clear that the Democrats are hypocrites of the highest order. But most importantly, all you have to do if you want to determine what laws they’ve broken and what offenses they have committed against the American people is to simply look and see what they accuse Trump and Republicans of doing. Therein lies your answer.

You can read the full story here.

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