Bloomberg’s open borders record comes to light

Michael Bloomberg entered the Presidential race recently, and he’s been trying to sell himself as a moderate. His campaign wants voters to see him as an alternative to Joe Biden.

But the truth is that Bloomberg is a radical liberal – and he’s more an alternative to Elizabeth Warren.

Both Warren and Bloomberg support open borders, which is a massive transfer of wealth to the nation’s elites, who want cheap labor and don’t care what laws are broken to supply it.

Warren sees the threat posed to her campaign. “Michael Bloomberg is making a bet about Democracy in 2020,” said Warren. “He doesn’t need people. He only needs bags and bags of money,” she continued.

I never thought I’d be saying this — but for once, she’s right. Bloomberg is attempting to buy the election and use his money and tons of ads on TV to convince the American people and he is not the radical leftist that we know he is.

Bloomberg poses a risk to Warren’s campaign precisely because, like her, he is far to the left of the American mainstream.

Americans need to wake up before it is too late.

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