Bill Clinton asked Britain’s Tony Blair for help with problem during ‘political season’

If Donald Trump is somehow guilty of colluding with Ukrainians to hurt Joe Biden’s political fortunes, Bill Clinton is in trouble as well.

Tucker Carlson revealed on his show Monday details of the startling conversation, in which then-President Bill Clinton asked the British Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, to help end a dispute that involved airlines in both countries. Clinton made it clear that it was a political issue he needed help with at the time.

“In a political season, it would be big over here to get this open sore resolved. If you could have somebody take a look at it,” Clinton said.

Carlson said it only took his team fifteen minutes to find the conversation, which likely shows that this sort of thing happens fairly routinely and isn’t something over which presidents get impeached and removed from office.

For his part, Tony Blair replied that he would look into the problem.

One thing is painfully obvious at this point — what President Trump did is ordinary and proper. No one cared about asking other world leaders to look into matters until Democrats decided they needed to find something to use to hurt Donald Trump. This will never stop, because there are people who simply cannot accept that they lost an election.

You can read the fully story here.

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