Bill Barr: China Is ‘Engaged In An Economic Blitzkrieg’

Attorney General Bill Barr just issued a warning that the communist leadership of China is actively “engaged in an economic blitzkrieg” against the United States of America.

“The CCP has launched an orchestrated campaign, across all of its many tentacles in Chinese government and society, to exploit the openness of our institutions in order to destroy them,” said Barr.

Barr explained that China has used “a wide array of predatory and often unlawful tactics” for many evil means, including attacking the American pharmaceutical industry.

“As one Defense Health Agency official noted, should China decide to limit or restrict the delivery of APIs to the United States, it could result in severe shortages of pharmaceuticals for both domestic and military uses, said the attorney general.

Barr concluded that “the ultimate ambition of China’s rulers isn’t to trade with the United States, It is to raid the United States.”

To read more about the thread of China and Bill Barr’s comments, click here.

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