Biden’s Outrage At Capitol Violence Wasn’t Real Or He Would Care About This Violence…

A small group of angry, lawless protesters did violence to our capitol and brought shame to our nation.

And those in power were outraged. They haven’t stopped talking about how violence is the antithesis of the American way (they are right) and how Donald Trump is to blame (they are wrong.)

But what happens when violence breaks out that is clearly done by the left and clearly has nothing to do with Donald Trump?

Are the virtue-signaling blowhards of the current administration angry and discussing how to save the affected communities?

Nope. Not even a word is spoken. And they admit it.

I haven’t spoken with him specifically about those events,” said the new press secretary, Jen Psaki.

Violence. Unrest. Property damage. But no words. No action. No outrage.

I wonder what the difference is this time? Perhaps no MAGA signs or political reason to exploit it for gain?

The man just said he would be a president for all Americans but what about the Americans whose lives and property are being destroyed by lawless mobs in Portland?

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