Biden Commits Massive Slip-Up, Democrats Embarrassed

Call it a mental gaffe or call it a prophetic slip-up, but Joe Biden has made a huge mistake.

According to Breitbart News, “President Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘president’ Thursday while delivering remarks at the White House regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

Ooops. There is already much concern that Biden is a temporary pawn with a short leash awaiting the moment when the powers that be push Harris into the Oval Office.

“The hardest hit that have suffered the most — especially black, Latino, Native American, and rural communities,” said Biden. “We believe speed and efficiency must be matched with fairness and equity, now when President Harris and I took a virtual tour of vaccination center in Arizona not long ago, one of the nurses on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope.”

Things aren’t looking good for ol’ Joe. It won’t be long now.

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11 Responses

  1. Joe should have never been cleared to run for the office of the President anyway. It is clear that this whole shame is politically driven by the left. Kamala couldn’t even hold on to 3% of the votes while running. Neither of them rightfully or legally earned their place in the Whitehouse. This is the biggest joke ever!

  2. Biden is an idiot !!!! He was elected by idiots but there were not 80
    million as they said who voted for this incapable clown. There aren’t
    80 million idiots in America. There are 66 million plus millions of
    votes that were not legal.
    The shame rest with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who was
    well-aware of the fraud involved in the federal election but chose to
    let states determine new election laws for a federal elections.

  3. They should be criminally prosecuted for what they are doing to Joe! He is a sick man. They are using him for name recognition only. I don’t know what they are doing with her, but in no way should she ever be President. The campaign debates proved that. Pull back the curtains ~ who is pulling the strings? The voters certainly don’t know. What is being done to destroy this country, under the table without the consensus of the voters, is a travesty and needs to be stopped before its too late.

    1. It’s already too late. Even if both chambers return to conservative thinkers, the amount of damages done are greater than what bozo did in 8 years. Just by what’s going on, one can understand how the liberals felt during Trump’s 4 years. We may never recover from this coup

  4. He doesn’t even know what effect these vaccines will have on people down the line. I saw a video from a Doctor in Ohio at Cleveland Medical clinic about what this vaccine does to people over time. My husband is having a hard time after he took them over a month ago. I read people with heart and lymphoma should not take it but he did. They don’t talk about side effects further on. I can be disabling for some! Death for some. Now they are saying you probably need to take it yearly. They don’t know.

  5. This is what happens when an entire party doesn’t care about the country they’re supposed to be representing, just themselves.

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