Bernie Sanders hosts rally as Biden falters

In an ominous sign for Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders just drew the biggest crowd of the campaign on Saturday, drawing in an estimated 26,000 attendants.

The Queens, NY rally featured some high-profile Democrats, including Michael Moore and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The rally, which broke the historic record set by Elizabeth Warren’s September rally, couldn’t come at a worse time for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is now engulfed in the Ukraine scandal, which was meant to harm Trump but has clearly backfired on the Democrat frontrunner, putting his position in the race perilously at risk.

Biden and his son have been accused of profiting from the elder Biden’s position as (then) Vice President of the United States. The Biden family has profited handsomely from Joe Biden’s political career.

Sanders’ rally success is all the more impressive given the fact that he is coming off of a heart attack. “To put it bluntly,” Sanders said, “I am back.”

It’s a bit hard to believe that Sanders is truly back. He suffered a heart attack and is 78 years old. It seems crazy that Democrats would nominate someone who would be 79 years old when taking the oath of office.

While this rally is impressive, President Trump routinely brings in this many people — with even more rallying outside. One estimate places as many as 30,000 at one of his rallies. Whatever the case, Biden is clearly faltering. This Ukraine story did not go how he wanted it to go. Now the socialists – young and old – in the Democrat party are flexing their muscles.

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