Barr says Durham probe could take months to finish

Attorney General William Barr shocked millions when he said this week that he does not expect U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report to be completed for months — possible going into the summer months.

This means that the investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax is deep and quite serious, and indicates that Durham may have found enough evidence to suggest that indictments are forthcoming.

“He is moving very diligently,” Barr told Fox News. “Just based on my general knowledge of the things that he is looking at or has to look at in the future,” said Barr, “I would not think that he would be in a position for quite a few months.”

Barr had previously indicated that the investigation was expanding. “He is looking at other agencies and also private — departments, and also private actors. So it is a much broader investigation,” Barr said.

This is all very good news for President Trump. We now know that the FBI knew the dossier was fake and used it anyway to get FISA warrants. We also know that the FISA court is furious about that.

The court is also none too pleased that evidence was withheld that proved the innocence of Trump officials who were being surveilled.

Barr’s newest revelation shows that this is a matter his Justice Department is taking very seriously. That has to make Trump feel a whole lot better with the direction of the DOJ as well as his own political fortunes.

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