Barr Makes His Move And Democrats Don’t Like It

Former CIA Director John Brennan, who has been accused of helping to orchestrate intelligence community attacks on Donald Trump, made a shocking announcement on MSNBC: not only is Attorney General William Barr looking into the origins of the Russia investigation, but they’ve apparently gone so far as to begin setting up interviews.

United States Attorney John Durham, who has been tasked with looking into the potential scandal, has informed Brennan that he will be interviewing him. This is big news that is not getting enough play in the national media.

For his part, Brennan accused Trump and his allies of trying to cover up their own crimes by smearing people. He called it a “non-investigation.” But Durham is a serious U.S. attorney, and there’s no way he would be moving forward with this investigation if there were nothing suspicious.

Brennan’s on-air freakout shows that two things are now true: First, the administration is pursuing a full criminal investigation into the events that led to the now-defunct Russia investigation spearheaded by Robert Mueller that ultimately did not find that President Trump committed any crimes.

Secondly, it shows that there’s enough evidence not only to move forward, but to start interviewing high-profile witnesses. And more importantly, it has them mad enough to go on national television and talk about it to try and discredit the investigation itself.

It’s clear at this point that, at the very least, there was tremendous bias at the CIA and FBI against President Trump and that some people used their power to try and influence the investigation. Whether any of that was criminal, we should know very soon.

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