Ann Coulter: Democrat Prosecutors To Blame For Jeffery Epstein Rapes

Were it not for Democrat prosecutors giving Jeffery Epstein massive breaks, he would not have been able to continue his alleged reign of raping terror, according to new information from Ann Coulter.

In a recent interview, Coulter explains how Democrat prosecutors went hard after Rush Limbaugh over pain pill allegations but then turned a blind eye to a man allegedly repeatedly raping underage women.

[It] is so outrageous how they just blow off that a Democratic prosecutor spent five years going after Rush Limbaugh for taking back pain pills. I‘m also getting a little tired of hearing about, ‘The genius reporting of the Miami Herald. They brought all this forward and, woo, they got people interested.’ I would like someone to present to me what was in the Miami Herald that readers of the Palm Beach Post did not know in 2006 and which I begged the national media to cover.

But Coulter wasn’t done.

“All of that was delivered on a silver platter to Democratic prosecutor Barry Krischer, but he was busy going after the back pain medication case [with Rush Limbaugh],” concluded Coulter.

To read more about Ann Coulter’s thoughts on Epstein, click here.

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