Andrew Cuomo announces shocking new antibody numbers

We’ve received yet another shocking report indicating that the coronavirus is both more widespread and less deadly than previously thought.

In his latest press briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed that new antibody test results indicate that around 25% of all New York City residents may have been infected with the virus.

This is significantly up from previous estimates. Even more shockingly, numbers from the rest of the state were also up.

CBS New York reports that “regionally, the results suggest”:

  • 24.7% positive in New York City
  • 15.1% positive in Westchester/Rockland
  • 14.4% positive on Long Island
  • 3.2% positive in the rest of the state

The results are based off of a sample size of 7500, one of the biggest so far. As more and more random testing gets underway, we can only hope this trend continues.

As I’ve said before, we’re nowhere close to herd immunity, but we’re learning that the virus is less deadly and more widespread than we thought. That’s the big takeaway from this study and others performed in California.

At some point, the relatively lower infection fatality rate indicated by these numbers has to affect politicians decisions about when to open up.

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