Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez May Actually Be Worse Than We Thought…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently became emotional telling of her experience during the deadly riots on January 6th.

Except there was one huge problem. She was very, very mistaken about her own proximity to the danger so her story isn’t actually grounded in truth.

Now at this point, America is swamped with headlines around people claiming bad things are happening and whether there are any facts to support these claims.

The Democrats have called some of those people traitors, terrorists, insurrectionists, and murdered. The media have called for them to be kicked out of office, removed from employment, and charged with terrible crimes — all for suggesting that perhaps things are not as the Democrats say.

But what do they say when AOC’s story isn’t actually … uh… true?

She gets a complete pass because it’s how she felt. I’m not joking.

Check out this quote from CNN propagandist Don Lemon on why people should stop criticizing AOC, “I kept trying to figure out how the people who were actually involved in that siege and all the chaos could be criticizing someone else who was involved in it because they were — because she was explaining how — what she thought was going on, in her particular situation. It was just flat-out partisanship.”

Did you see that? Because AOC “thought” it to be true, it justifies her feelings, her words, and her claims.

Because she “thought” something was true.

According to CNN, suggesting that an un-truth is…an untruth is political misinformation and distractions.

Welcome to the new America.

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