Adam Schiff wants Chief Justice Roberts to rule on Senate witnesses

After the stunts Democrats pulled during the opening arguments in the Senate trial of President Trump, it’s pretty clear at this point that Senate Republicans are unlikely to give him much of what he wants when it comes to witnesses.

But that won’t stop Schiff. He’s now hatched a new plan to try and block at least one witness who could prove catastrophic to Democrats: Hunter Biden.

His new plan: convince Chief Justice Roberts to rule on the witnesses issue himself rather than allowing Senators to vote, as rules provide.

“We have a very capable justice sitting right behind me who can make decisions about the materiality of witnesses,” Schiff said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“We trust the Supreme Court chief justice to make those decisions,” he continued.

No, Mr. Schiff. We know the truth. You think the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice is a bit soft and concerned with how things “look” a bit too much — and he’s probably right about that. He reasons that if Democrats call witnesses of their own, Roberts could be the only way to block Hunter Biden being subpoenaed by the Senate to come testify.

Hunter Biden is at the center of this entire proceeding. If anyone testifies, it ought to be Biden.

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