Adam Schiff says Trump “fudging” intelligence against top terrorist

Donald Trump set a trap for Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats — and they fell right into it.

For the entirety of his presidency, Donald Trump has used Dems’ natural tendency to oppose anything and everything he does against them to make them look foolish. But this time takes the cake.

By killing Iranian General Qassem Soleimani — one of the most feared terrorists in the world — Trump set the trap. Schiff could either admit that Trump did the right thing by killing the man who has murdered hundreds of U.S. soldiers, or defend the terrorist responsible for the deaths of more U.S. soldiers than any other person alive in this decade.

You guessed it: Schiff rushed to defend Soleimani.

Schiff went on CBS’ Face the Nation to tell viewers that Trump is, “fudging the intelligence.”

But he didn’t stop there. Schiff also attacked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “When Secretary Pompeo was on your show last week and made the claim that the intelligence analysis was that taking Soleimani out would improve our security and not- and leaving them in would make us less safe, that is also fudging. That’s not an intelligence conclusion. That is Pompeo’s personal opinion,” Schiff claimed.

Democrats are fools if they believe that defending a dead terrorist who murdered Americans is somehow going to help them in 2020. It isn’t.

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