Actor George Lopez accepts Iran’s bounty to assassinate Trump

After the U.S. drone attacl that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, enraged Iranian authorities placed a large bounty on President Trump’s head — $80 million. The Iranians hope someone will assassinate the President in exchange for cash.

You would expect terrorists to take them up on their offer. Or, maybe an international criminal syndicate that makes its money on hits and assassinations. But you don’t expect a U.S. citizens — especially a celebrity — to take Iran up on its offer.

But that’s exactly what actor George Lopez did. A Chicano Worldstar Instagram post said, “[Iranian] authorities have put a bounty on American President Donald Trump’s head during the televised funeral of General [Qasem Soleimani] after he was assassinated last week.”

Lopez replied from his official Instagram account with, “We’ll do it for half.”

You’re reading that correctly: a celebrity in the United States just publicly accepted Iran’s offer to pay money in exchange for the assassination of the President of the United States.

I’m sure that Lopez will say that he was joking. And maybe he was, at least in the context that he can’t possible do it, and saying he would in public is a good way to ensure that he’ll never be able to go through with it. But this is the sort of rhetoric that does oftentimes incite crazy people to do awful, awful things. The only question is whether leftists like Lopez know this when they say these sorts of things.

One thing is certain: our President and his family need a lot of prayer. The First Family’s enemies, such as the people running Iran, are some of the most wicked people on Earth.

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