Mike Bloomberg is trying to bully other candidates out of the race


In a stunning act of arrogance, the Bloomberg campaign is warning other candidates to get out of the race. This from the campaign that hasn’t collected a single delegate yet.

Axios reports:

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is sounding the alarm that Bernie Sanders will soon amass an unsurmountable delegate lead if the Democratic field stays split — and took the extraordinary step of suggesting laggards should drop out.

What they’re saying: Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg’s top strategist, said: “The fact is if the state of this race remains status quo — with Biden, Pete and Amy in the race on Super Tuesday — Bernie is likely to open up a delegate lead that seems nearly impossible to overcome.”

Bloomberg has bought his way into contention by spending hundreds of millions of his own dollars on radio, TV and internet advertising in crucial states. But he hasn’t yet won a primary, or even come close.

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders (he’s a communist and a creep), but at least he’s won his support honestly. Bloomberg, on the other hand, bought his way into the race and is now trying to bully other candidates out of it.

It should tell you something about Mike Bloomberg. He’s all about power, and he has no scruples about playing dirty. Just ask supporters of the 2nd amendment.

The fact that Democrats are even considering such a chilling candidate is a sad commentary on how far the party has fallen.

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