White House pick to lead NOAA withdraws from consideration

Trump’s nominee to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Barry Myers, has just announced his resignation from consideration for the position. 

Trump first nominated Myers in November of 2017, but controversy over the choice has delayed his confirmation. Democrat accused Myers of conflict of interest due to Myers’ position as CEO of AccuWeather, a weather forecasting company founded by his brother.

Myers also faced criticism for a “widespread” sexual harassment complaint made against AccuWeather while Myers was CEO. The company settled the lawsuit with a $290,000 payout in 2017.

Myers’ confirmation had been stalled at the committee level and had yet to make it to a Senate floor vote. Myers submitted his resignation to the White House this week, citing health concerns that keep him from accepting the position.

He told the Washington Times on Wednesday, “I owe so much to America, having started out as a poor kid in Philadelphia and endured tragic family circumstances.”

“By working hard, I was able to live out the American dream … Unfortunately, my medical issues have made that service to the nation impractical at this time.”

He also sniped at Democrats in his statement, saying that Democrats delayed his confirmation “for no reason other than my support for the administration,” and said that his family has been “unmercifully attacked by false news stories.”

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