Warren calls for Barr resignation after Stone sentencing controversy explodes

Attorney General Bill Barr drew the fury of the left after news broke of the DOJ decision to ask for a shorter sentence than the originally recommended seven to nine years for former Trump associate Roger Stone.

Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren led the charge on Wednesday calling for Barr to “resign or face impeachment” over the decision. 

Fresh off of her devastating defeat in the New Hampshire primary, Warren tweeted that “Congress must act immediately to rein in our lawless Attorney General.”

“Barr should resign or face impeachment. And Congress should use spending power to defund the AG’s authority to interfere with anything that affects Trump, his friends, or his elections,” said the Massachusetts Senator.

While Donald Trump has praised Barr for “taking charge” of the Stone case, Democrat pundits and politicians have renewed the accusations of White House weaponization of the Justice Department.

White House Spokesman Hogan Gridley deflected the accusations on “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday, saying that Donald Trump never spoke to Barr about Stone’s recommended sentence.

“The president did not interfere here with anything. He’s the chief law enforcement officer, he has the right to do it, he just didn’t,” Gridley said.

“Now that impeachment is over, now that Russia’s over, now that the collusion hoax is done, the illegitimate impeachment sham has finished, they’re [Democrats are] looking for something else to grab onto because they don’t want to talk about the successful policies of this president.”

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