Unhinged Hollywood Actor Jeff Daniels Claims Trump Is Headed To Prison

In an effort to prove how smart actors are and how lucky America is to have them telling us what to think and do, star of “Dumb and Dumber” Jeff Daniels claimed anyone who votes for Donald Trump is voting for a future inmate.

During a recent interview about his role in “The Comey Rule” Daniels said Trump voters are “voting for a president who is heading to prison.”

“Everybody respected the rule of law. Everybody respected those things that made America and make America the free country that it is. Until now. And it’s been painfully obvious from before 2016, but certainly in the four years previous. And look at what happened yesterday. That’s what autocrats do,” said Daniels probably after looking up what “autocrat” means.

To recap, Daniels says America was fine til Trump. I guess he missed the 87 scandals of the Obama presidency.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the elites of Hollywood keep using their celebrity as a soapbox to spread their ill-conceived political illusions on the rest of the nation.

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