Undecided Voters Make Their Choice. Biden Lost The Debate.

In a focus group of ‘undecided voters,’ the winner of the final presidential debate was decidedly President Donald Trump.

“I really really really wanted to vote for Joe Biden. I really really do,” said Jennifer, a focus group member from Michigan. “But, I just, based on tonight’s performance, Donald Trump…”

“If I had to go with one person I’d probably go with Trump because at least he has proven something in his 4 years,” said Keita, who lives in Georgia.

The Los Angeles Times orchestrated focus group results, as described by the lead pollster Frank Luntz, described the two candidates in two very different ways:

My focus group’s words to describe Trump tonight:
• “Controlled”
• “Reserved”
• “Poised”
• “Con artist”
• “Surprisingly presidential”

Words to describe Biden tonight:
• “Vague”
• “Unspecific”
• “Elusive”
• “Defensive”
• “Grandfatherly”

The format forced Trump to be more reserved and surprisingly revealed a Biden who seemed unable to be poised and persuasive in an authentic manner.

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