Tucker Carlson Speaks The Truth About What Is Really Happening In America

For many in the Republican Party and conservatives who are reeling from the past month of headlines, it could be easy to fall into the trap that the America they love is no more and that there is no happiness to be found in our great nation.

Tucker Carlson has a message for those despairing souls. Look around. People are still happy and the country is still wonderful.

So many things seem so completely screwed up right now that it can be overwhelming, and over time, it’s also misleading.

If you pay too much attention to what is happening, you can easily conclude that America is a rotten country. But that’s wrong. It’s not.

America is still the best there is. Two things about America make it great: the country and its people. This is a truly beautiful place. That’s the first thing.

Carlson then went on to talk about the greatness of America and the spirit of those across the fruited plain:

We’ve got a lot of people to enjoy it with an awful lot. Americans are still the best people misguided as we sometimes are. This isn’t an especially religious country anymore, but surveys on churchgoing do not tell the whole story.

Even now, most Americans know they are not really in charge of the universe. They know there’s something bigger out there, bigger than all of us combined. And when you understand that, when you know in your bones, how small you are and how short the ride is likely to be, you tend to treat people better. Americans do.

Don’t let cable news fool you. Don’t let us fool you. This is a profoundly nice country, the nicest in the world.

Americans are kind to children, to pets, to strangers. We give more money to charity than any other place. We tip our waiters more.

There’s no country on Earth you’d rather be lost in. Someone will help you.

To read more of Tucker’s comments, click here.

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