Tucker Carlson says Trump should pardon or commute Roger Stone’s sentence

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone’s sentencing flip-flop has caused quite the stir on both sides of the aisle.

Though some are calling for Attorney General Bill Barr’s resignation since the Justice Department’s recommendation for a reduced sentence, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has doubled down, saying that Donald Trump should take it a step further and pardon Stone or commute his sentence. 

During his show on Wednesday, Carlson spoke out against the original recommendation of seven to nine years in prison for lying to Congress, calling it a “political hit.”

“The typical rapist in this country spends four years in prison. Armed robbers, three years. Thugs who commit violent assault, less than a year and a half, but Roger Stone must do [up to] nine years, until he’s 76 years old, for lying.”

Democrats have had a meltdown about Bill Barr’s DOJ request for a lighter sentence for the former Trump operative. Carlson went after them also, saying that “this is a pure political hit. Roger Stone is facing prison because he’s a high-profile Donald Trump supporter. It’s that simple.”

“You want proof? Here it is. [Former CIA Director] John Brennan and [former Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper will sleep at home tonight. Both have been caught lying under oath, on camera, about matters of national importance. And yet neither is in jail. Neither has been indicted. Neither ever will be,” Carlson argued.

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