Tucker Carlson Is Finished Believing The Media Is Helping America

The day has come.

Tucker Carlson told his audience that the media are their “enemies.”

And he isn’t wrong.

Reporters hate Trump with an all-consuming mania. They hit him so intensely that at times it’s been amusing to watch. If Donald Trump announced a cure for cancer at tonight’s rally in Minnesota, CNN would denounce him for fixing drug prices. That’s true. If you’re a fair-minded person, it has been infuriating to watch this. It’s too dishonest. It’s also patronizing because it’s almost unbelievably stupid. Trump spied for Russia. Trump works for Putin. Trump is a racist because he likes borders and doesn’t want to live in Haiti.

Carlson then went on to say that the media is actually the enemy of the America people.

These people are not your allies,” said Carlson. “They are not trying to help you or inform you, just the opposite. These people are your enemies. They are misleading you so that you will obey and maybe it will work, honestly. Maybe they will get Joe Biden elected President next week without even asking the most basic questions of the candidate, the most basic questions or vetting him in any way.”

To read more about Tucker’s comments, click here.

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